Cleanup your desktop / PC or Laptop

Cleanup your desktop / PC or Laptop

August 17, 2015 IT 0

Is your desktop PC or laptop too slow?

After some time it is usefull and necessary to cleanup in your pc and get rid of old programms, and remainings of broken files in your datafolders.

Fortunately there are free PC cleaners available that can help you to clean up and speed up your computer system.

This improves significantly the speed of your computer/laptop.

Get rid of old programms and broken file links.

Use Revo uninstaller to get rid of old programms you don’t use any longer.

Revo Uninstaller (free and secure download from – utilities)



To clean up  junk files, ccleaner can do this job,  or you can use  Glary Utilities. (Glary utilities you can also download from

Check your drivers

To check if your drivers are still up to date – go to  tous les drivers  and examine your system.

Having done all this, you will certainly speed up your computer.


Windows will load faster, your files will open immediately, and your programs will run smoother.