March 27, 2016 IT 0

Cryptoviruses make many victims worldwide, it is computer malware that that holds the victim’s data hostage.


How to recognize the virus?

The ‘virus’ will enter your system disguised as an innocent file attachment from a major delivery service offering tracking information or confirming a delivery. Once you have clicked to access the file, the virus will begin to search your machine for files with common extensions such as .doc, .xls, .pdf etc, encrypt those files, then contact the user to demand payment.

Attention back-up files can be infected too!

How to protect your computer?

  1. Make sure you always have minimum 15% space for system recovery.
  2. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-2. Ransomware0.9.14.361
  3. Backup with the new version of Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE 1.5 (CryptoLocker Protection for USB Storage)

System restore at 15%

How to install system restore at 15%

System Restore allows you to revert the state of your computer to a previous point in time to undo changes that might have harmed your computer. These changes in the system files and settings, registry, and on installed applications. It’s just like a time machine.

Enabled Restore Point in your system

Click the Create button, and type a description to help you identify the restore point, then click the Create button to complete the process.

Make sure the volume for restoring is at least at 15%, so there will be enough space on the harddisk for recovery.


Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware0.9.14.361

Make a backup with Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE 1.5 (Protection from CryptoLocker for usb)

Bootable recovery media

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE lets you create a recovery image of your computer on several different kinds of media, including:

  • Removable storage devices (e.g., USB flash drives, SD cards, etc.)
  • CD/DVD/BD media
  • ISO image

The recovery image provides an alternative way to boot your computer. If the OS installed on the computer fails to start for some reason, you can boot the OS from the recovery image and leverage the included recovery tools.

With Veeam you create an image of your installation files and you can define retention periods.

Configuration for the back-up


Now you can see that ‘CryptoLocker protection’ is enabled!