Facebook data leaked

Facebook data leaked

April 5, 2021 Apps 0
facebook lek

Facebook data leaked

Due to a fault in Facebook’s security system, the data of over 3 million Belgian Facebook users has been leaked and offered on a hacker’s forum.

This is actually the data from an old data leak in 2019 that is now being offered for free.

Many people think: “fortunately I never gave out my phone numbers on Facebook”, but yes, if you also work with WhatsApp, the there is the link to your profile.

“It can become a very personal form of phishing,” warns ethical hacker Inti De Ceukelaire. “If people have made their family members identifiable on Facebook, for example, criminals can pretend to be your son or daughter in order to scam you.”

If you want to know if your phone number has also been leaked, you can check this on this website:  https://benikerbij.be/


What data has been leaked?

In addition to phone numbers, the dataset includes the Facebook ID, full name, date of birth, sometimes email address, gender, when the account was created, location, previous location and the account’s bio (depending on what was entered and public).

Security researcher Alon Gal l reports that it includes phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, previous locations, dates of birth, gender, relationship status, bio texts, date of account creation, employer and email addresses.

The harm is done, even if you delete your facebook account now, the data has been leaked anyway. You can only watch out for messages and no longer trust anyone, even those that appear to be sent from your own family or friends.


‘;–have i been pwned?

The database for looking up leaked telephone numbers from facebook is different from the ‘Have I been pwned’ site.

The telephone database is added to Have I Been Pwned, but because it works on the basis of e-mail addresses, the site lists 2.5 million accounts instead of 533 million.

Via haveibeenpwned.com you can use your e-mail address to find out if your private data or passwords have been leaked in previous hacks.

On “havibeenpwned” you can find out on which websites your passwords have been leaked. That way, you can change them on those specific websites.


Solution: Secure Passwords


The best thing you can do is to make sure you have a different password for each account on each platform!

Create secure passwords or better yet PASSSENTENCES (longer!!) for and create a different one specifically for each login.

Keep track of it in a secure Excel or with the KEEPASS see download link for this tool: https://keepass.info/

Some accounts can be extra secured by Multi-factor Authentication. Make use of that too!


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