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At the beginning of the new year, we have a lot of good intentions. It’s hard to maintain those good intentions, especially when they are work-related.
Here are five interesting tips to be more creative and to stay motivated.

5 tips for more inspiration and creativity



1) Less meetings

Only have meetings when it is really necessary and useful, with the necessary participants, predetermined points of discussion and a clear goal. These effective meetings lead to a concrete result and will not be a waste of time.

2) Avoid fear of failure.


  • Fear of failure forces you to be on your toes, to be afraid to take risks
  • Fear of failure is crippling, it limits your possibilities and options
  • Fear of failure can be a source of stress and causes health problems

How can we prevent this?

Stimulate trust and positivism, colleagues dare to stand out for their ideas,
see: ‘positive vibes’ op de werkvloer (Easi en Torfs verkozen tot best Workspaces in 2015)

3) Diversity instead of ‘groupthink’.

Like-minded people agree well, but bring few new things forward. Brainstorming in a group is not effective: it creates “group thinking” and therefore hinders the “creative thinking”. No one dares to question matters. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation.

(source: Wikipedia)

A good solution for this is to work in teams with diverse personalities and backgrounds to increase the effectiveness in the workplace.


4) Break your routine!

A daily routine feels comfortable and gives you security, but a routine break-through gives you more energy.

  • New tasks equal new challenges!
  • Think positive and challenge yourself!
  • Follow a course or training.
  • Change your schedual, work flexible.
  • Have a good social interaction with your colleagues.


5) Avoid Burnout,

If you spend too much energy for a long period of time, you become exhausted, burnt out. Listen to the signals from your body (physically tired, emotionally quickly irritated, memory problems, concentration disorders, ..).

Do not allow your biological battery to drain completely, recharge on time.
Act before it is too late!

Some simple tips:

  • Rest adequately
  • Eat healthy food and drink enough water
  • Have enough relaxation, active and passive (Lu young Tibetan Healing yoga is a good example of  a healthy mind in a healthy body)
  • Mental satisfaction and laughter
  • Real social contact (avoid social media !!!)

Inspiration for these 5 tips: Microsoft Creativity Killers